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5 Steps to Cross Media Excellence

To prepare a complex cross media marketign campaign, try following these five production steps to assure a smooth process.

Understanding the Goal
Every camapign has different needs and expectations. First prioritize the needs. Based on the needs draw up the functional requirements of the project.

A Clear Plan of Action
The planning phase is the most crucial element of a project. Develop a realistic development plan based on the functionality requirements. Decide what to implement first to begin producing results. It is important to ensure that everything implemented is fully scalable and will upgrade to the next level without unexpected complications.

A Strong Foundation
The original functional blueprint will serve as documentation for your campaign, site and web applications. This documentation will serve as a record for any future modifications on the code, allowing other programmers and web designers to make modifications and enhancements as necessary. Formal planning and functional blueprints ensure things are well documented.

Putting the Plan to Action
Creates websites and applications using the current top of the line development software. This allows for rapid and scalable development.

For websites, the pages are first constructed in a general form. Menus, headings, basic text and functions are added allowing us to test drive our new site. A functional web site will emerge as work continues. Through feedback and testing fine tune the operation of the site together.

Keeping Current
Ongoing updates and marketing can be provided after the site has been deployed. Critical operations such as monitoring traffic and return on investment would be completed regularly. A reporting system that puts the success of the month's activity into relative context is used to evaluate performance. Changes can be made as necessary.


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