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Why Use Purls?

Unique web addresses and home pages are easily incorporated into any campaign. Each piece can contain a customized offer tailored to the recipient with variable text and graphics which features a personalized web page address.

While on the site, visitors encounter an automatically populated opt–in form that asks them to join a club, receive a newsletter, or be placed at the head of the line for special offers and programs.

The challenge with traditional campaigns featuring a web site has been the inability to know which particular recipient looked online but never made additional contact. These potential customers remain anonymous unless there is a method to capture their information. Unique URL tracking per prospect overcomes this challenge.


Brian Thomas

This is very helpful. You know exactly who visits your site even if they do not click on anything. It allows the sales tean to focus on the customers who have even the smallest of interest. This is also quick from the customers end because they do not have to enter their information into the form, it is already pre-populated for them.

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