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Why do you set PURLs the way you do?

Question: Do you have the PURL functionality to make the address rather than

Answer: Absolutely. However……

The reason that you may not want to do that is threefold:

  • It requires a wildcard DNS that limits the number of campaigns you can run. Anything in font of the hemancipation will drive respondents to only one landing page. It is often useful to have multiple landing pages for various medium. VIP for cards, WIN for a contest, etc.
  • If the prospect truncates their name, they go to your homepage and miss the offer content – 15% of people leave off their name and you lose the data.
  • You can not use DNS for other applications (such as a mail server or other program). Many require a DNS record.
  • Systems with the name first often do so for simplicity and software constraints.

    But if you want to, we can.