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Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Have you considered using SMS Text Messaging for your campaign?

Here are the benefits of Mobile Marketing

  • Fast
    • Mobile Campaigns are simple to set up, with messages being delivered in seconds.

  • Affordable
    • No need to pay for postage or air time, just a nominal per text message fee.

  • Span
    • Reach out to people all over the world.  Delivery is almost always guaranteed.

  • Response Rate
    • Projected responses increased over 3 times the amount of direct mail.

  • Personal
    • Create your own campaign that is variable and personal to that specific user.

  • Take Your Campaign to the next level
    • Already have a campaign running?  Add SMS Text messaging to increase your opt-in response rates.

  • Mobile

    • SMS Text messages reach recipients wherever they are.  No need to be by a tv, radio, computer, or mailbox.


phoenix internet marketing company

Mobile is pretty hard to get into, though. They don't convert as well, as the whole point is using their phone to access content quickly on the go. Takes a lot of work.

Rohan Beata

Almost half of the population nowadays owns a mobile phone. When it comes to information dissemination, it's quicker and more effective since it can reach a vast amount of receivers at one attempt.

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