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August 2008

Cross Media Marketing Beyond the Web

Unique 800# Tracking

Every campaign can integrate a unique 800 or local phone number to provide valuable insight as to which marketing effort drove response. Each time a call is placed, the system will record the relevant data and make it available in the reporting module in real time. Additionally, phone numbers can then be appended for additional costumer data including psychographic profiles and demographics from both consumers and businesses.

Key Features

  • Inexpensive and easy to use
  • No long term commitments required


Help your organizations communicate with clients in a cost effective manner by utilizing state of the art email marketing services. These tools empower marketers of all sizes to execute enterprise level campaigns by providing the systems required to create, send, and track complex email programs.

The system includes deliverability tools, database management and integration, production services, and technical support. You can design your own email of have everything handled for you. The choice is yours.

Key Features

  • Coordinate e-mail and print campaigns for maximum effect
  • Include variable data that matches your print campaigns
  • Integrate automatically with your CRM
  • Can-Spam compliance features (unsubscribe link, sender postal address, etc.)

SMS Text Messaging

Short Message Service (SMS) is a communications tool which allows short text messages to be sent to mobile phones. Leverage the data you collect from opt-in forms to contact prospects and clients using SMS text messaging, or use SMS-text and static print to generate a warm lead list.

Key Features

  • Append phone numbers to create a direct marketing list
  • Easy to execute, affordable, and automatic
  • No software or licenses to buy
  • No long term contracts
  • Collect detailed response data

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Have you considered using SMS Text Messaging for your campaign?

Here are the benefits of Mobile Marketing

  • Fast
    • Mobile Campaigns are simple to set up, with messages being delivered in seconds.

  • Affordable
    • No need to pay for postage or air time, just a nominal per text message fee.

  • Span
    • Reach out to people all over the world.  Delivery is almost always guaranteed.

  • Response Rate
    • Projected responses increased over 3 times the amount of direct mail.

  • Personal
    • Create your own campaign that is variable and personal to that specific user.

  • Take Your Campaign to the next level
    • Already have a campaign running?  Add SMS Text messaging to increase your opt-in response rates.

  • Mobile

    • SMS Text messages reach recipients wherever they are.  No need to be by a tv, radio, computer, or mailbox.