Introduction to Using PURLs and Variable Data Printing - Bringing Lead Information in Seconds

Quickly Know Potential Customers

Know Your Customer gives fi rms the ability to prequalify prospects instantly with only the First Name, Last Name, Zip Code, or Phone Number.

Signed credit report applications are not required. All information is derived from public records which have been utilized for years. Permission of the prospect is not required to access public domain records. With’s on-line interface, instantly receive over 40 data points.

What’s new is our ability to grant you access to this valuable data in real time on the internet without a large capital investment or complex P.O.S. system.

B2C Sales

Any B2C sales organization can capture valuable prospect information and create an actionable lead list.

Auto/Cycle/Boat & RV Dealerships

Most vehicle retailers already capture their prospects name, address and phone number. Using, the dealer will be able to customize the sales process to best fi t the customer. Are they a lease or buy here pay here? Now you can know.

Mortgage Companies

The credit bureaus will sell the names of anyone who has a credit check done by a mortgage company. allows the loan offi cer to better understand their potential client before they alert the competition that their prospect is interested in applying for a mortgage or refi nancing.

Home Improvement

Many of our home improvement clients spend a fortune on leads. The solution: Pre-qualify the prospect before making an expensive sales call. The cost of gas and sales time has risen too high not to take advantage of as much information as possible in advance.


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