Talk to a Person, Not to a Market
Lifting Response Rates with Timely, Relevant, and Personalized Communication

Boost response Rates with Enhanced Personalization and Relevancy

Untitled Document To more than double typical direct mail response rates, personalize each mail piece as much as possible. New printing technology enables you to print small lots of direct mail tailored to each recipient. With variable images and content, you can dramatically enhance the personalization and relevancy of each individual mail piece--to drive much higher response rates. Display a personalized URL on each mail piece when the objective of your mail piece is to capture a profile on your website. Personalized landing pages with pre-filled forms make it much easier for the responder to submit a profile resulting in significantly higher profile capture rates. Although personalization of direct mail does increase the cost per piece, the increased response rates almost always justifies the added expense. The same level of personalization should be applied to email. Because email is electronic, it's much easier and cost effective to dynamically assemble relevant content. Getting a prospect's opt-in (or permission to communicate via email) on the website landing page enables you to cultivate the prospect much more cost effectively. But be careful to always send timely, personalized and relevant information...not doing this will most certainly result in opt-outs that shut down this very effective marketing avenue. by Jeff Kostermans


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