Make an Impact Your Customers Can't Ignore
Talk to a Person, Not to a Market

Leverage all Types of Communications

You can take advantage of VDP in a variety of ways:

  • Newsletters — You can pick the cover story based on the customer’s information. A newsletter from a pet store to the owner of a Jack Russell Terrier puppy might feature a story on caring for dogs during summer, with a photo of a Jack Russell. Even better, it could feature a cover article on caring for puppies.
  • Direct mail — A Ford owner could receive an offer from Ford for an oil change at his local dealer and feature a photo of his model car, in the color he bought. Or his favorite grocery store can send him coupons for products he enjoys based on his purchase history as recorded by swiping his customer loyalty card.
  • Magazines — You can print literally dozens of different versions of the same magazine featuring articles and ads specific to your target. For example, a farming magazine could print one version for corn growers, one for pig farmers, one for vineyards, etc.
  • Special offers — If you know what a target owns, you may know what she will likely buy next. If she bought a small SUV several years ago, you may send her a special offer on purchasing a larger SUV.
  • Dealer support — Send materials showing customers who their local dealers are. You can also let dealers create their own letterhead, business cards, ads, slick books, etc. Dealers can also use variable technology to create masters used for printing their own materials. Customer orders/requests — Customers can request printed materials that will contain exactly what they asked for. Send a customer forms already filled in with his contact information, simplifying the process of completing the forms and increasing return rates. Then send him a personalized binder containing information on just the services he bought, with a personalized welcome letter.

By Matt Harlow • October 14, 2008


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