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Cross Media Marketing PURL Video

Best Content Generator for Mac (and a workaround for PC)

We think this widget is the best filler content generator for our cross media marketing and PURL projects.

Try http://www.doubleforte.net/widgets/corporate/ for your filler content.

Corporate Ipsum

It's as much fun as a Dilbert cartoon.

For PC folks (like me) try copying text out of this blog which demos the widget: http://www.hyperlinkguerrilla.com/2008/02/02/corporate-jargon-auto-generator/  (Thanks to hyperlinkguerilla for sharing!)



How much could I expect to pay for a one time PURL campaign 1800


TJ: Without the details of the project, I have two answers to your question. Just the PURL portion of the campaign with full service (including web design & coding, reporting, list upload, and hosting) would be $1125.

Or, starting Wednesday of next week, you can create an account at the new www.vdpweb.com for only $19.95 per month and buy a block of 1800 PURLs for $.025 each.

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