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JFM at Intelligent Content 2009

Intelligent Content 2009 provides insights into how you can make your content intelligent through structure, tagging, interoperability standards, hybrid content strategies, personalization, and communication models. With intelligent content you can do more with less and ensure that you can deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right customer in a way that uniquely meets your customer's needs.

Panel - Intelligent Publishing
Traditional publishing is often crafted for a single channel. In recent years multichannel publishing has become more prevalent, and now the technology has matured enough to facilitate sophisticated personalization. This panel explores intelligent publishing today and into the future.

  • James D. Michelson - JFM Concepts
  • Jerry Silver - EMC
  • Kelly Stirman - Mark Logic
  • Dave White - Quark
James D. Michelson, JFM Concepts

This session will present a practical guide to delivering personalized marketing content across various marketing channels. We will examine a case study that demonstrates proven strategies to attract prospects and convert leads into sales. An example campaign will be developed from inception to execution that can serve as a platform for the attendee's own projects. The example campaign will demonstrate how to develop personas for each prospect, capture the prospect's attention, determine their demographics, and drive the lead to the web for personalized information. Focus will be on using variable content with multiple touch points and communication methods. The presentation will outline successful tactics to ensure the best possible outcome and highest ROI from content based marketing and sales efforts.


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