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Popularity is fine, results are better

I just got the coolest link about the Pomegranate Phone from Twitter.  It is an amazingly clever gag viral marketing piece that leads to a very serious Discover Nova Scotia web site.

Once I looked at this site (and was very entertained) I asked myself a few questions.  Did spending a virtual fortune on the production of this site really translate into leads for the Province of Nova Scotia? Did all this effort get the right people to my final content?

I am willing to bet my bottom dollar that the same budget spent on direct marketing to target businesses would yield more inquiries.  The LA Times quotes that it would cost $60,000 dollars for a full page ad in a target city.  How many Execs could I touch directly with a variable data communication targeted to their sector, a personalized landing page, and robust tracking by prospect’s name and position? 

Popularity is fine, results are better.


Gracie, The Yellow Dog

Good post, James. I took a little time to to check it out. But someone has to have alot of time on their hands to sit through it all. And if you do watch it all, do you have any attention span left for Nova Scotia? Looks expensive and for what result? You are right on target. Same amount of money targeted in a more personal and relevant way = ROI.

My yellow lab was recently in heat. She got a lot of attention but not the desired results!

JFM Concepts

I hadn't even thought of bandwidth! You are right. By the time I got done with the phone, who cared about the content, especiially since the gag site was much better than the sales site!

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