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FREE Cross Media Marketing Event

By special arrangement with the Winters Group, VDP Complete is proud to offer you an opportunity to participate for free in the Winters Group Webinar Series "Recession Proof Your Sales!" on February 18th at 12:00 PM EST.


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Webinar: Recession Proof Your Sales

This 60 Minute teleconference covers how marketing officers across all industry verticals are faced with the same dilemma, "How do I keep my brand top of mind and how do I retain, acquire and grow my customer base?"

These questions are not asked of the print buyer or the marketing manager, and these questions are not asked by the print service provider.  This level of enterprise engagement exists between the Marketing Services Provider (MSP) and the Chief Marketing Officer.

As a trusted advisor, the role of a MSP is to ask the pressing questions that engage the CMO in thought provoking conversations that create a long term marketing strategy and partnership.

The Winters Group provides a marketing blueprint which outlines the strategies, technologies and tools necessary to transform your printing organization into a marketing organization.

This step-by-step blueprint supports the MSP every step of the way from branding to staffing and participates in the pre-sales call  preparation, to the sales call with the CMO, and all follow up to guarantee (yes, guarantee) your success.

These tools and strategies are invaluable to today's CMO.  Some of the many benefits include:

  • ROI calculators
  • Measurability
  • Accountability
  • Real time access to on-going programs
  • Data analytics
  • Customer For Life Initiatives
  • Voice of Customer Strategies

By keeping a finger on the pulse of new software and hardware technologies and closely following new trends in marketing communications technologies and best practices in different vertical markets, our transformed MSP's selling efforts have remained resilient in the current recession.

As companies continue to shed their workforce of non-producers, it is more important than ever that the CMO, whose average lifespan is 26 months in better economic times, change its habitual legacies.

Let Winters Group present the benefits of becoming a Marketing Services Provider.  Open dialogue is strongly encouraged so feel free to ask questions.

Please contact Lisa Pagano-Kuch for more information or to register at 917-922-1032.

The Winters Group is an organization that specializes in sales implementation.  They assist print service providers, fulfillment businesses, and agencies in acquiring new market-share within the complex sales environment of content management, variable data marketing, and supply chain logistics.


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