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Great Reasons to Use Postcards for Marketing in the Digital Age

Why Postcards Are The Best Way To 1:1 Cross Media Market

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Variable data postcards are vibrant, colorful and lifestyle driven pieces with targeted art, copy, and messaging. Consider the “Mail Moment.”

According to the United States Postal Service, the average consumer is exposed to approximately 5980 marketing messages daily. On average, they notice 52 and pay mind to only 4. So how does your message become one of the 4? There is a daily “Mail Moment” in virtually every household and business in the United States. A staggering 98% of people check mail daily and 77% at the first opportunity. No other marketing channel even comes close. The sorting process takes just a split second per piece and has 3 results; bills, read, and junk.

Variable data pieces that speak directly to the prospect with personalized information have the best chance of surviving the sorting process and being one of the .00067% marketing messages that are noted.



Why Postcards over other types of cross media marketing?

  • VDP Direct Mail Personal Postcards are easy to produce and cost effective

  • Advertise to your customers and not your competitors

  • Postcards are private interactions with your prospects

  • Prospects are 4 to 7 times more likely to visit your website and buy if they have received a direct marketing piece

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marketing postcard

postcard marketing is effective in promoting your business online. It easier to read the message on the postcard so most likely your prospects will notice the website link printed on it.

Nursing PJs

Postcards are good advertising tools. It always help my company.


Postcards are so outdated. Mark my words, no matter how you fight to keep them, within 5-10 years time they'll be no more. No more I say!

Allen Carlos

Postcards maybe effective in Holiday Seasons. I'm not sure in other times.

John Fager

Thanks for your comment about using postcards. I wouldn't agree that postcards are only effective for holiday marketing at all, however. We consistently see higher response rates and conversions with postcards in a broad spectrum of industries and offer types throughout the year.

We are firm believers that marketing is a process of strategy that requires measuring results and making changes based on what the response data reflects. We think it's important not to be biased against a particular strategy but to let the numbers determine what has a good return on investment (ROI).

Measure, measure, measure and test, test, test!

Mister Marketing Master


Use a perforated postcard, one with a credit card sized punch-out...

Your customer will remove the card and put it in their wallet...

They will they present it at time of purchase...

Easy to track ROI, Easy for customer to remember... VICTORY.

Just do it.

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