Cross Media for Online Companies
The Biggest Cross Media & PURL Mistakes Marketers Make

Making Every Communication a 2-Way Conversation

The true power of cross media marketing is to create opportunities for two way conversation with our potential and current clients.  By driving visitors to the web and personalized landing pages we can create a cost effective and automatic mechanism for collecting data.  PURLs (Personalized URLs) can be used to identify visitors and serve variable content.  For more on PURLs and their use, click here.


Active Data Collection:  By asking specific and direct questions of identified web visitors we can gather data and save that information for use later.


Passive Data Collection:  By tracking what links a web visitor selects we have a good indicator of their areas of interest and can use that information to tailor future touches.


The Bottom Line:  By collecting data on visitors we can make touch points more relevant to the recipient and the more relevant we make the communication the better the results.


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