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VDP Web Online Cross Media Press Release

Mass Media, Landing Pages & Cross Media Made Easy

Savvy web marketers have long used landing pages as the entry point of their paid search marketing efforts to facilitate tracking of particular campaigns.  This process assures that the prospects receive the correct content and do not need to surf through your website to find content.

Why not use this same process for radio, TV, newspaper and magazine advertising to create a truly cross media marketing campaign?  The expense of the advertisement is a sunk cost and most ads include a web address already.  By using a landing page rather than your home page you can serve the most relevant content and improve both the ease and quantity of opt-ins.

A typical landing page is presented as  The problem with this format is that a large percentage of visitors will truncate the /offer and therefore end up on your home page and not see the content you just paid to present.  A better format is Also, you need to alter your company web site in order to accommodate the new page – this may be difficult to execute with your IT department or the outside contractor or agency that manages the site.

VDP Web provides all the tools to simply execute a landing page campaign that includes built in opt-in forms, surveys, and automatic email responses to responders.  Visit us at to learn more.


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Well Said..
Shelly Smith

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