The Biggest Cross Media & PURL Mistakes Marketers Make
Social media marketing for lead generation

Not All Personalized URLs are Equal

Is some Johnny come lately, me-too software company the partner you should be relying on for your marketing?  The VDP Complete® family of products is based on a proven technology. Software is only as good as the company that stands behind and services it. JFM Concepts has a well established reputation as industry thought leaders in all things variable. Most personalized URL companies simply customize open source applications and pass them off as their own or resell inferior technologies from other firms.  JFM Concepts builds software from the ground up using the latest applications. This allows us to ensure the highest level of quality and guarantee every aspect of the application.

Not all Personalized URLs are created equal

There are lots of companies out there with little PURL tools that claim to be cross media marketing experts.  Our products and services are different. The VDP Complete suite of programs are better and here are just a few of the reasons why.

Easy to use, but without limitations

To truly get results, you need more than just a postcard with a first name and personalized URL.  Marketers need a complete suite of tools to engage and interact with customers in order to capture leads and document ROI.  The JFM cross media utility is powerful enough to meet your client’s requirements and yet is simple enough to learn quickly and execute fast. VDP Web online is the most powerful and easiest-to-use online PURL tool because our many years of experience defined the development process from the ground up.

Powerful custom designs in minutes

Most cross media software is built around standardized templates and limited workflows. VDP Web® is made for custom design that is a powerful as the web itself. Unparalleled flexibility gives our partners that ability to truly be creative and flexible for their clients.  Our proprietary “Content Wizards” make custom design a snap.  Create complete campaigns, from new client creation to data assignment, in less than 20 minutes.

The features you need, made easy

Our PURL software has all the basics you would expect, but they come in a format that also allows more advanced features like automatically generated surveys and opt-ins, payments, automatic email replies, dynamic photos & graphics, and more.  VDP Web has everything you need without limitations and features that you don't.

The absolute best security and hosting

Our industry leading hosting environment provides multiple redundancies on all critical systems and our backup procedures ensure that your marketing campaigns are always protected.  From simple https security to complex PGP encryption systems, JFM Concepts has the internal expertise to make sure that your clients needs are met.

We invite you to compare JFM Concepts and then contact us.


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