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Cross Media Marketing for Events

Last week The Experiential Agency (XA Interactive) hosted a fabulous event for the trade at 1028 Hooker in Chicago. It was more than a great function. The party hostesses used a tablet PC and a VDP Web® landing page to gather emails, cell phone numbers and opt-ins for promotions and messaging from the guests.  The dark pad and trendy page were well received, looked very cool, and drew a crowd each time the hostess stopped to get the survey.  A thank you email automatically fired to the respondent.  Many were received on PDA’s while they were still at the event.

The contact, opt-in, and survey information was delivered directly into the agency’s data base of prospects.  The information could be used to send follow up direct marketing via SMS-text, email, and direct mail based on the opt-ins gathered by the hostesses.

This process would be a terrific data collection and brand building mechanism for any special event such as a trade show, shopping mall promotion, charity activity and more. Data collection rates, including the time spent circulating around the space and chatting with guest was one survey every three minutes for a very efficient means of collecting vital demographic and survey information.

Best of all, the cost of developing the entire system was less than the cost of a few extra guests at the bar.


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