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6 Low Cost Steps to Maximizing Revenue During Downtime

A few firms we know are slow for the summer (or because of the economy) and they are taking the opportunity to relax.  Our suggestion is to take staff and management time now to revamp web sites, create new content, and get involved in social media.  The investment in brand and content can be leveraged across multiple channels to capture additional sales and make the case for your firm as strong as possible.


Review & Revise Strategic Plans

When was the last time you cracked open the business and marketing plan from those dusty binders on the bookshelf?  More importantly, when was the last time the leadership team got together to systematically discuss strategic issues?  For most firms I know the answer is rarely or never.  Resources are limited and a review of plans against current operations may point our weaknesses or deficiencies that have been overlooked.  Resources can be dedicated during down time to address any issues that are discovered.



Blog, Tweet and get LinkedIn

I was almost certainly the last owner of a tech firm to break down and get a smart phone. For a long time the entire concept of social media seemed silly to me and not a real business activity.  At some point in the last three years press releases stopped performing unless it was picked up by a well read blog and I started to see the light.  After a recent sales call, the first thing the prospect did was look me up on LinkedIn and then he spent time reading my blog before he agreed to a meeting.  The prospect never even went to our website.  Social media exposure only costs time and if you are slow, now is the time to jump start a program.  And when things pick up?  Keep at it, five minutes a day.


Update Paid Search

If your firm is anything like mine, paid search is like a Ronco rotisserie… “set it and forget it.”  I know that running these campaigns can rapidly become a full time job. In the face of pressing matters, doing more than checking a few reports seems onerous.  Now is the perfect time to double check keywords, revamp ad copy, and freshen the campaign.


Review your Search Engine Optimization

There are lots of checklists and procedures floating around the web on how to improve your naturalized search position on Google and the other search engines.  There are all kinds of tests that can be performed and small, cost effective steps that can be taken to improve how your site is indexed.  Although beyond the scope of this article, downtime is the perfect opportunity to dedicate resources to this project which can passively support the sales cycle 24/7.



Add Fresh Content

As a part of search engine optimization and as a sales tool, update and add content to your website.  Google loves updated content.  Consider creating specialized landing pages that highlight company strengths and integrate those pages with your social media and paid search efforts.  This is easy to do even if your web work is outsourced or the IT guys are hard to get along with.


Reach out to you prospect list & clients with a newsletter

When was the last time you sent something to clients and prospects without a call to action?  Was it a holiday card?  Since the time has been spent to create new content for social media, SEO, and the website it is ready for direct communication to our contacts.  If you’re slow, chances are they are too.


The only objection I can find to these steps is coming from the driving range.


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