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Cross-Channel Marketing - Oct 14-15 Toronto by OpenDialogue

JFM Concepts is proud to announce that it will be delivering the keynote address at Cross-Channel Marketing 2009 in Toronto on October 14-15, 2009.  The program is presented by Open Dialogue.  The content is timely and relevant to today's marketers and the location is spectacular.  We cordially invite all our friends to join us there. 

The Present & Future of Cross-Channel Marketing

James Michelson, Principal, JFM Concepts

New marketing channels seem to be appearing every day in ways that continue to dilute audiences.  The proliferation of television/radio channels, the growth and subsequent splintering of social media marketing, the rise and fall of email, and the decline of traditional newspapers and magazines have made coordinating and controlling marketing efforts an ever more daunting task.  The Internet is constantly reinventing itself as today's stars are eclipsed by newcomers.  It has become increasingly important for marketing providers to distribute content away from its originating channel.  In a fragmented environment, James will explore how to generate interest, build audience, collect data, and begin a two-way conversation with current and potential customers. 

Download the brochure here.


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