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Sum_Of_Valid_Charges ???

A funny thing happened on the way past our developers today.  I was asked what reports and calculations may be necessary to collect and display out of the next iteration of our shopping cart.  Now, I’m not a tech guy and the database schema was laid out in all its complexity for my review.  I was stumped by the column temporarily titled “Sum_Of_Valid_Charges” and asked what it was.  Our otherwise brilliant database guru explained the data field to me (at least three times – I’m slow) and how it was calculated and the relationships among the various pipes and tables.  I asked if there were “invalid charges.” No?  Ok then, what is it?  In the end, I got “well, it’s pretty much the total billed minus refunds.”  Eureka – there is your title.  Why not just called it what it is?  The expression on his face was priceless.  He sheepishly looked at me, sighed, and said I really hate you, in a most respectful way, of course.  “Total_Billed_Minus_Refunds.”  It pays to call it like it is.


Nancy Scott

Great story... great lesson ... great K.I.S.S. :-)

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