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The Keys to Custom Web Applications & Marketing

JFM Concepts has created custom cross media e-commerce applications for start-ups and the Fortune 20. Our experts have designed both business to business and business to consumer applications for firms such as Marriott, California Closets, Thermospas, Pet Intact, Life Extension, Gold Eagle and Nordyne. 

Here are a few things we have learned. 

Understanding the Goal

Every client has different needs and expectations. JFM Concepts uses its extensive experience to help prioritize requirements. Based on a comprehensive project analysis the functional requirements of the project are created keeping budget and ROI at top of mind.

A Clear Plan of Action

The planning phase is the most crucial element of any JFM project. A realistic development plan is created based on the functional requirements. Implementation is prioritized to produce results. All projects are fully scalable and are designed to upgrade to the next iteration with minimal effort.

A Strong Foundation

The original functional blueprint will serve as documentation for the project and required web applications. This documentation will serve as a record for any future modifications on the code, allowing other programmers and web designers to make modifications and enhancements as necessary. Formal planning and functional blueprints ensure things are well documented.

Putting the Plan to Action

The JFM team creates websites and applications using the latest web development software. This allows for rapid and scalable development both now and in the future.

For websites, the pages are first constructed in a general form. Menus, headings, basic text and functions are added allowing us to test drive our new site. A functional web site will emerge as work continues. Through feedback and testing we will fine tune the operation of the site together.

Keeping Current

Ongoing updates and marketing can be provided after the site has been deployed. Critical operations such as monitoring traffic and return on investment would be completed regularly. A reporting system that puts the success of the month's activity into relative context is used to evaluate performance. Changes can be made as necessary.

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