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Tradeshow Presentation for Cross Media

Using data and business logic to drive ROI

JFM Concepts specializes in helping our clients develop comprehensive marketing and business strategies to improve response rates, generate leads and drive sales. Our projects implement cross media marketing plans with comprehensive business logic. JFM remains vendor and technology neutral, utilizing a provider model that allows virtually any system to be incorporated in the strategy.

Making Every Communication a 2-Way Conversation

The true power of cross media marketing is to create opportunities for two way conversations with potential and current clients. By driving visitors to the web and personalized landing pages we can create a cost effective and automatic mechanism for collecting data. PURLs (Personalized URLs) can be used to identify visitors and serve variable content.

Active Data Collection

By asking specific and direct questions of identified web visitors we can gather data and save that information for later use.

Passive Data Collection

Tracking what links a web visitor selects provides a strong indication of their areas of interest and firms can use that information to tailor future touches.

By collecting as much data on visitors was possible, firms can make touch points more relevant to the recipient. The more relevant the communication the better the results.

Multi-Channel Development - A Quick Case Study

As part of the marketing and operations for the New York City Tea Party on April 15th, organizers used JFM Concepts and VDP Web® to generate a useable database of grass roots supporters and volunteers in addition to providing an effortless registration platform. A custom designed landing page provided information and links via a static URL. The web address was broadcast for three days prior to the event on one AM radio news station, Apple 970 AM.

The most powerful part of this and any "broadcast to web" program is that the radio spots generated hundreds of opt-ins for both the event and email, phone & SMS-text alerts regarding this event and upcoming efforts. The data was immediately available to organizers for additional action, including fundraising and additional community action.

Cross Media for Online Companies

When marketers think of cross media, they generally start with a traditional business and consider how to incorporate email, landing pages, and PURLs into the traditional marketing mix. The need to get into cross media marketing is as important for web businesses as is it is for traditional brick and mortar establishments. JFM Concepts can help online businesses make the difficult leap into traditional marketing.


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