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The jack of all trades is a master of none

There has been a lot of chatter lately about completely integrated marketing platforms that handle production and marketing in one neat bundle.  One vendor claims a “holy grail, ” assuming, of course, you don’t ask the system to do too much…

While certain marketing technologies (PURLs, emails, landing pages, SMS-text, unique phone tracking, etc.) can certainly be lumped together in one provider, the assertion that one platform can provide an entire cross marketing and production solution requires more investigation.

Consider solutions that utilize a provider model that can plug into and utilize a variety of services rather than rely on monolithic or single technology providers with legacy code and systems.  That way, it doesn’t matter what the next “twitter” will be and you won’t be stuck.


David Baldaro

Integrated marketing platforms CAN offer significant advantages over using a variety of providers to deliver an integrated campaign. What is key is how that integrated platform is actually integrated and how it allows integrated between itself and other providers.

Any one platform that is locked into monolithic processes and legacy code is not going to deliver. However a platform that IS integrated and DOES provides integration into other services will deliver time and time again.

JFM Concepts

Integrated systems like XMPie and others, in addition to their exorbitant cost in terms of both software price and manpower requirements, are exactly what this post refers to. Although this comment was originally written in response to another wild claim of one-size-fits-all and does-everything, these supposedly integrated solutions are always going to lag in the rapidly progressing world or cross media.

Of course, anything is possible with unlimited resources. For a hundred thousand pounds or more it may be possible to integrate anything you like. But then, why would you want to lock into a proprietary system and work flow when more cost effective packages that can do more with less? When you customer wants one thing, there is no reason to be stuck with a system that does things its way only. Like a government, the more channels a system tries to encompass, the less usability and flexibility it has.

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