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JFM Concepts at Podi APP Forum 2010

JFM Concepts will be presenting at Podi's APP Forum 2010 to be held in Las Vegas, January 25th to 27th.

Increase Revenue - Keep More of your Customer's Marketing Budget
Speakers:  James Michelson, Principal, JFM Concepts
Date/Time:  Wed, 9:45 - 10:45 am

How does print fit into your customer’s total marketing strategy and how can you increase your share of their marketing spend?

Using three illustrative case studies for Marriott, Harrah’s, and Gold Eagle, James Michelson will present a practical guide to implementing cross-media applications to expand commercial printing’s penetration into the client’s marketing budget.

To grab a larger share of your client’s marketing budget you need to:
1. Generate leads for them
2. Create output/activity that puts more ink on paper

James will offer the top 5 tactics that printers can use to deliver both new leads and more print. Variable data printing alone will not make a printer a Marketing Service Provider (MSP). The use of multiple cross channel tools such as SMS text, email, unique 800#’s, and static web pages, as well as PURLs, are required to effectively enhance direct marketing efforts.


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