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Growth or Death for Cross Media Firms?

Considerations for Commercial Printers

The following commentary are excerpts from and the opinions of Paul Manning of Printflow.

What do you think will the greatest opportunity for and threat to printers next year?
The variable digital market, in particular colour, is really gathering pace now within small to medium size organisations. The blue chips have been using variable data for a while but, in my opinion, the market is opening up within other organisations embracing the technology, organisations with smaller turnovers who can see the benefit of investing in print.

The greatest threat to printers next year are other printers. We're currently trading in one of the year's toughest months and some of the pricing we're coming up against is ludicrous. The capacity is clearly still too high (maybe because of this pre-packed administration epidemic) and so I expect, with next year's government belt tightening, to see many more printers going out of business.

What do you believe is the most under-recognised aspect in printing that is likely to become more important in 2010?
Variable digital cross media production. Printers have to realise that we need to be generating print, not waiting for it to fall into our laps. There's thousands of companies out there who could genuinely benefit from variable print and as a result, through demonstration of positive ROI, we don't need to cut our throats to win work.


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