2010 Cross Media Marketing Self Assessment
Considerations for Commercial Printers

Holiday marketing lessons learned

With many of our clients this year we have had extended conversations about the pros and cons of marketing over the Holidays.  Our firm’s recent cross media marketing effort provides a good case study on the merits of contacting prospects and customers over the holiday season.

The JFM holiday post card and email series is a subtle (or not so subtle) example for clients and prospects on how to use multiple channels to deliver the same content any time of year.

The card and email are not commercial in any way and merely convey best wishes for the season.  In addition to placing our brand in front of customers, the email and direct mail card showcase the technology the firm offers.  For equipment manufacturers, commercial printers seeking to become marketing service providers, and agencies seeking to be technology experts, it is critical to demonstrate the system in action.  We must, in other words, practice what we preach to sell effectively.

Here is the campaign.

Direct Mail Card:



VDP Web® Landing Page:


The direct mail card’s landing page was duplicated exactly using a different URL for both mail and email.

Besides getting direct response from the recipients preferred channel, the main point of the campaign was to get the recipient to notice the message more than once and ask the following question; “Did I receive the same material twice?”

Lessons Learned:

  1. Cross media marketing is more likely than single channel methods to capture attention and motivate follow on action.
  2. Executives, owners, managers, and decision makers are in the office or logging in remotely and use the holiday break to catch up on work and explore new ideas and options.
  3. Using non sales oriented communications to prospects and clients are outstanding new business and up sell opportunities.
  4. Existing customers and leads provide higher ROI from marketing efforts and it is a mistake to focus on new contacts over existing ones

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