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Purls Made Easy - Great Idea

Our friends at Purls Made Easy ( have developed a great program for developing and deploying PURL campaigns. 

They also have a great program for marketing landing pages and succinct graphic that really lays out the process of using static URLs as a data collection method.


The obvious conclusion is to use a data collection point as the centerpiece for all marketing channels.

2010 Cross Media Marketing Webinar Series - PURLs, Email & More

From JFM Concepts & VDP Web
Let’s Talk– Sales Strategy & Functionality Webinars

We want you to sell campaigns just as much as you do! Spend an hour or two going through the system with John Fager, our CTO, and meet with James Michelson to review proven sales strategies that help close deals.

Sign up at:

"Advanced Cross Media Features"

We have launched many new features, and the best way to know the system is to use it! Register for an advanced VDP Web walkthrough on either of these dates:

Tuesday, February 16th at 1:00pm EST

Thursday, February 25th at 1:00pm EST

"How can I sell cross-media to my customers?"

Easy! Let us show you how. James Michelson, an industry recognized leader in Cross Media, will be giving webinars to discuss strategy and sales on these dates:

Thursday, February 18th at 1:00pm EST

Tuesday, February 23rd at 1:00pm EST

Podi AppForum 2010 & JFM

I am looking forward to this year's AppForumn in Las Vegas.  We get a lot out of these events and the opportunity they provide to meet with old and new friends.

For our press release on our session, see  If you will be at Podi, we'd be glad to meet.

Growth or Death for Cross Media Firms?

The end of 2009 and start of 2010 has seen a burst of mergers and acquisitions across the marketing and technology space.  Firms and their intellectual property are being consolidated at a rapid pace. The DMA reported today about several deals.  These include acquisitions by Covario, Barkley, and Experian.  Others of interest are the purchase or investment in such firms as Aggregate Knowledge, Balihoo, and Harland Clarke Holding’s investments in Protocol Integrated Marketing Services and SubscribeMail. 

The obvious conclusion is that firms that have emerged from the recent downturn in a strong financial position are seeking to leap frog their competitors by adding technology to their portfolio.  The consolidation of the market can be expected to continue over the next several years.  The risk of development are obvious; management distraction, time to market, and hard costs are all very real issues.  It is well documented that the vast majority of IT initiatives either fail completely or come in late and over budget.

The acquisition strategy makes sense.  The core technology that many firms have developed have been littered with “me too” add on features, such as PURLs and Email that lack the functionality and ease of use of the core product.  As customers seek the so called “Holy Grail” of the one source technology provider, the firm with the not only the most features, but the most useable set of features, will have a real competitive advantage in the cross media marketing space.  The challenges of integrating a proven technology are not trivial, but they are surely less than development in house.