2010 Cross Media Marketing Webinar Series - PURLs, Email & More
MBUSA does it again...

Purls Made Easy - Great Idea

Our friends at Purls Made Easy (www.purlsmadeeasy.com) have developed a great program for developing and deploying PURL campaigns. 

They also have a great program for marketing landing pages and succinct graphic that really lays out the process of using static URLs as a data collection method.


The obvious conclusion is to use a data collection point as the centerpiece for all marketing channels.


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Do people even still do direct mail? I thought that was just like flushing your money down the toilet...

John Fager

Actually, this assumption about direct mail is way off base. Direct mail is a hugely profitable, key way to reach clients.

Internet giants such Google actually send a tremendous amount of direct mail. You may want to read the post at http://crossmedia.typepad.com/cross_media_11_marketing/2010/09/new-study-shows-direct-mail-beats-email.html. There is no better way to reach many prospects.

It isn't that direct mail is dead or that it is a waste; it's that you have to know what you're doing, test and measure your strategy, and adjust appropriately to budget and goals.

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