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3 Tips for Improving Email Deliverability & Response Rates

Clients are turning to their marketing service providers for an ever expanding array of services and providing email as part of an integrated campaign is falling to printers and other organizations new to the task.  In order to improve both deliverability and response rates there are steps that can be taken to have a positive effect.

1. Start with Content
Many ISPs and corporate mail servers employ various kinds of junk mail filters that scan your message for “marketing buzzwords.”  Be careful to avoid content that includes such terms as sale, special, limited time, discount, win, etc.  Save the sales copy for a landing page by using a PURL. 

2. Personalization & Segmentation
Adding personalization and segmentation to your email will help capture the prospect’s attention.  Target demographically relevant content in order to capture attention.  Creating a Personalize URL will both increase response rates and also track warm leads.  On your landing page you can engage with a stronger call to action and provide more sales information to improve conversion. 

3. Using Personal URLs
Adding a PURL is a key way to engage the customer and encourage them to take the next step..  It is a one click response mechanism that can be incorporated into an email campaign in order to measure ROI and boost response.  Transferring your sales content to a landing page can dramatically increase your deliverability rate and provide more information that email functionality cannot support such as video.  Landing pages can be pre-populated with variable text, images, and video to increase response.  Pair this with a customized survey and create a highly targeted database.

These three simple tips will improve both deliverability and response.



I see so some ISPs use a database of bad keywords used in the email that's why it gets filter by the spam checker. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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Not only do ISPs filter email by a database of SPAM words, so do servers at the local level. Individual companies also have specific words they block. In short, copywriting becomes very important!

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