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Cross Media Marketing 2010 Whitepaper - Completely Revised

JFM Concepts is proud to announce the release of a new edition of the popular Cross Media Marketing Whitepaper, completely revised for 2010, covering the major issues that marketers and need to consider when creating cross channel campaigns.

The shift in marketing budgets from traditional to new media continues at a rapid pace and shows no signs of slowing down.  Cross Media Marketing 2010 explores the key issue that marketers face when developing cross channel campaigns that need to involve both social and traditional media channels.

To download, please visit: http://wp.vdpconcepts.com/

It is both practical and cost effective for firms of any size to conduct sophisticated 1:1 cross media marketing applications featuring highly personalized and relevant content.  The content can be delivered across any media including direct mail, email, web pages, and even from static advertising.  These campaigns can be executed without the acquisition of new marketing skill and trained employees, the purchase of new software and licenses, or the addition of expensive hardware.  By implementing an automated lead generation system, a large universe of prospects can be narrowed to a list of warm leads which can dramatically improves response rates and Return on Investment (ROI).  The entire campaign can be tracked with detailed reporting that is available 24/7 and can include all facets of the campaign.

Learn how the experts are conducting robust cross channel marketing campaigns and leveraging Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others to gather customer information, start a two conversation, generate leads, and create measureable ROI from these channels for both clients and themselves. Discover how tinyurls, landing pages, and easy opt-ins can provide Marketing Service Providers passive revenue and even put ink on paper.

In this paper:

- Discover the best tips and techniques for combining personalized URLs with email marketing
- Explore QR Codes and other hot marketing trends
- Analyze the 2010 Cross Media Marketing Outlook for both marketing service providers and internal marketers

To download, please visit: http://wp.vdpconcepts.com/


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