James Michelson & VDP Web at TS2 2010
2010 Webinar Series – "Everything Cross Media Marketing"

Fulfilling the Promise of Web to Print

Executive Summary

To finally fulfill the promise of web-to-print storefronts marketers need to eliminate the need for end users to log into a portal, upload data, and place orders. The design must be for use by organizations comprised of multi-branch locations or franchises where quick set up and deployment of multi-version campaigns is critical. The systemmust be built to allow one central marketer the ability to create unlimited content and reporting with only one set up. Creating 500 campaigns must become the production time of one.


Web to print is a tantalizing proposition to marketing service providers. It promises a steady cash flow from a single sales process where a site is set up and customers simply log on to requisition collaterals and the orders roll in automatically. A representative, branch, location or division can log in and order. They could even purchase or upload a marketing list and execute direct mail campaigns that are pre-approved by headquarters. Sounds great. In reality, this almost never happens.

The Challenge

The reality of many web to print installations leaves a majority of the potential print and cross media business on the table. Specifically:

  • The majority of end users are too busy running their businesses to dedicate time to marketing
  • The available pool of labor fell more than five percent last quarter alone according to the U.S. Department of Labor
  • End users cannot and will not learn new technologies
  • Only 1 in 5 branches, locations, or representatives will use a web to print system at all and only 1 in 10 will use it regularly
  • Headquarters marketers also face the same time and labor issues that face the field users and they can not execute campaigns for individual locations or representatives

The Solution

VDP Web Franchise provides the ability for one individual to create and launch campaigns for hundreds of locations and thousands of individual representatives in an automated way for all direct marketing on a variety of channels.

This capability is designed to provide centralized marketing operations the ability to:

  • Send marketing communications (marcom) for branches or franchises that do not have the time, ability, bandwidth or desire to log into web to print solutions and send materials for themselves
  • Augment branch and franchise efforts with additional centralized support
  • Provide central marketing operations a fast and efficient means of launching highly personalized campaigns segmented for both location and specific recipient
  • Dramatically reduce the difficulty and cost of production
  • Maintain centralized brand and message control while still personalizing the content


The VDP Web Franchise utility has all of the functionality of the VDP Web software as a service platform, but adds the following capabilities.

  • Leverages web to print design templates for use by centralized marketing operations for easily fulfill at the branch, franchise, or individual location level
  • Creates hundreds of individual landing pages and campaigns for unlimited branches and recipients by using a basic database business logic (such as an excel spreadsheet)
  • Delivers independent content and reporting with only one setup required – run 1000 independent campaigns to unlimited recipients as if they were one campaign

For more information on VDP Web Franchise, please click here.


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