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Infogroup are Spammers?

Suddenly, we are getting spam emails for everything from local concerts and feminine products (and not the iPad kind) from Infogroup to an email that has never been used as a contact email address for anything and could only have been lifted from the web. There is no way possible this email was ever opted in to any list, even with some sneaky phone call or small print in a free offer.


As a marketer, we would never give permission for our sales contact email to be added to any list by telephone or any other means.  We know what to look for.  Infogroup certainly looks to be spamming like crazy.


I expect that they feel that any fine ever levied by the government will be less than the profit they could make by breaking any applicable laws.


As a professional marketing service, we find this behavior to be damaging to the entire community and completely inappropriate.  Here is a snippet from the latest email for consumer goods sent to a business address...





JFM Concepts

Follow up: We just received a post card from one of the campaigns in question. There was further evidence this is a SPAM list – the Principal’s last name was misspelled – it is conceivable he may have opted-in and spelled his own name incorrectly, but unlikely.

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