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Email Spend Predictions for 2010-2014

The DMA had a webinar where the presenter spoke about the following graph from Forrester Research.

Email spend
As marketers increase the amount of email in their marketing mix or as part of an ongoing cross media marketing strategy, they should keep the following three points in mind.

Avoid data silos
Email can be a great tool, but don’t create a separate program to manage.  There are plenty of SaaS solutions for any task, but pick one that minimizes production time.

Acquire good data
It is tempting to send commercial emails to everyone in your CRM or client lists.  Don’t. Ever. Not once!  The number of spam complaints, bounces, and ill will you generate will overcome the gains.  Trust us. Instead, provide opt-in mechanism on every touch you make and build the list over time.

Coordinate Content
Avoid creating multiple sets of content for various channels.  It becomes too darn hard to manage it all.


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