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Mercedes Marketing Blunders Continue Faster than an AMG

Once again, Mercedes Benz has bungled their data and sent out irrelevant and inappropriate communications.  The vehicle in question is up to date on all service.  Only forty five days ago the brakes and tires were serviced at the local dealer and today the following message arrived.


The lessons for marketers could not be more clear:

Establish data quality procedures
Get this right first.  The risk of brand damage is massive if firms continue to send the wrong message, to the wrong customer, at the wrong time, on the wrong channel.  No firm, especially those who desire to be premium providers, can not understand their customers and fail to speak to them as individuals.

Listen then speak
Create a two way conversation that allows prospects and clients to provide feedback and do not always push information.  What is important to the marketer may or may not resonate with the target.  Find out.

Be relevant
Follow the first two steps in order to craft relevant and meaningful communications.

60 to 0 is right...


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