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Practice what you Preach – How NOT to Cross Media Market

Cross Media Marketing & Non-Profits – Increasing Donorship

The recession hasn’t been helpful for Non-Profit entities trying to raise money and keep donors engaged.  As people tighten their belts, NFP’s have been struggling to increase donorship, expand volunteerism, and many are struggling just to stay above water.  The question is: “How can I get my message to stand out with minimal expense?”

Not only do NFP’s need to show why their cause is worthy of donations, but also why it is more worthy than others.  The clear answer to disseminate the word is cross media marketing.  With technology available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) application, internal staff can execute successful campaigns to meet annual goals for different initiatives without breaking the bank.  Everyone in the organization is capable of designing full service landing pages or micro sites that can be used to collect new member data, update old members, schedule volunteer time, market events, provide the latest news, and most importantly, provide a mechanism for people to donate. 

Using PURLs, (Personalized URLs), NFP’s have the ability to distribute variable copy/image/videos to direct prospective members to respond to your call to action.  These individual calls to action attract attention and are more likely to trigger response over other forms of direct marketing.   PURLs can be sent via direct mail and also improve performance of email.

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For those using static advertisements such as newspapers, banners, radio & TV, and billboards using a general URL, or GURL, as a call to action allows you to track the effectiveness of each marketing channel.  You can still accept donations, schedule an event or provide a newsletter that has specific content off of a static advertisement without the hassle of changing the main web site.  Use these to gauge how you plan to spend your marketing budget for next year based on accurate response metrics.

Internal time for development, maintenance and tracking is reduced to a minimum thanks to integrated cross media technologies.  Staff can launch a new campaign in twenty minutes instead of 20 days. For more information about how cross media can work for your NFP, please contact Josh at 800.735.2578


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interesting post! These individual calls to action attract attention and are more likely to trigger response over other forms of direct marketing.

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