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June 2010

New Hewlett-Packard Cross Media Case Study

JFM Concepts is proud to announce the release of a new Hewlett-Packard Case Study. The paper covers how HP used VDP Web to effectively touch multiple channels, products and brands across broad geographic territories. 

The paper details how individual brand managers or their marketing service providers can easily create and execute sustainable cross media campaigns without support from other internal departments.  Download a copy at

This type of variable campaign can be executed without the acquisition of new marketing skills and trained employees, the purchase of new software and licenses, or the addition of expensive hardware. By implementing an automated lead generation system, a large universe of prospects can be narrowed to a list of warm leads which can dramatically improves response rates and Return on Investment (ROI). The entire campaign can be tracked with detailed reporting that is available 24/7 and can include all facets of the campaign.

Special thanks to the Gap Marketing Group for their leadership on this project.

Practice what you Preach – How NOT to Cross Media Market

According to DM News, “Xerox CMO tells marketers to get personal with customers at Digital Marketing Days keynote.” DM News continues that “Marketers should focus on creating personal relationships, like Americans in the 1950s had with their corner grocers, rather than only employing new technologies, Christa Carone, CMO of Xerox, told attendees of the Digital Marketing Days conference in New York June 15.”

Really?  Is that we she thinks?  If Christa believes her own propaganda, maybe she can explain Xerox’s own marketing which contradicts this whole idea.  Take a look at this gimmicky email from XM Pie that came out on June 15th - the very same day Christa was speaking.

XM Pie Weak Email

Now, I admit that I wasn’t at this presentation, but if Xerox, an equipment and software OEM with marketing budgets and staffs larger than most companies can’t manage to pull a quality cross media effort off, how can anyone?  Is XM Pie so hard to use that their definition of personalization and creating a relationship is putting a name in an email in a picture?  Are they serious?  Maybe access to the technical expertise required to launch a sophisticated campaign using XMPie is too far removed from brand managers, or maybe its too expensive or difficult to produce campaigns with meaningful segmentation.

Here are quotes from the XMPie’s page at that are nowhere to be found in the communication sent.

• "Bring relevancy to your marketing by leveraging variable data to tailor messages for each recipient”. The very first bullet point is ignored. How is this message tailored exactly? Nothing in relation to size, industry, needs of the recipient or any other demographic is even considered.

• "Create campaigns with built-in response tracking tools and adjust messaging, offers, and more, on-the-fly”. Where does this occur? There is no personalized or segmented messaging or landing page in the entire piece. The only marketing links send you to where tracking is surrendered to the IT department to be lost forever.

• "Expand your reach with one to one marketing campaigns that span print, email, Web, and mobile”. If Xerox is too cheap to send a coordinated print piece to match, why should they expect anyone else they sell the print equipment for crying out loud!

Other glaring issues:
XM Pie is not listed as a FIFA marketing affiliate at and we suggest you do not tread on or even near FIFA or any other sports trademark owner in your marketing.  The Wall Street Journal reports that FIFA has chased thousands of trademark violators mercilessly.  The NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR and others are equally defensive of their brands. Be careful.

This email has a weak call to action.  What is the reason the get started or register?  There is no compelling reason to take any action and no description of what we will get by visiting.

The truth is that elementary marketing efforts are not going to produce decent response rates and will not cover the major investments required to implement and execute image gimmicks like those shown.  Heidi Tolliver-Nigro asked recently if printers were masquerading as MSPs and not walking the walk.  Perhaps the question is the entire industry from the OEMs on down is faking it?

Take Away:
Concentrate your investment on segmenting prospect data, engaging your prospects in a meaningful two way conversation, and presenting relevant information.   Want to sell cross media?  Try practicing what you preach.  Spending a fortune on software that does everything, and none of it well, is a hard investment to recoup.

Cross Media Marketing & Non-Profits – Increasing Donorship

The recession hasn’t been helpful for Non-Profit entities trying to raise money and keep donors engaged.  As people tighten their belts, NFP’s have been struggling to increase donorship, expand volunteerism, and many are struggling just to stay above water.  The question is: “How can I get my message to stand out with minimal expense?”

Not only do NFP’s need to show why their cause is worthy of donations, but also why it is more worthy than others.  The clear answer to disseminate the word is cross media marketing.  With technology available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) application, internal staff can execute successful campaigns to meet annual goals for different initiatives without breaking the bank.  Everyone in the organization is capable of designing full service landing pages or micro sites that can be used to collect new member data, update old members, schedule volunteer time, market events, provide the latest news, and most importantly, provide a mechanism for people to donate. 

Using PURLs, (Personalized URLs), NFP’s have the ability to distribute variable copy/image/videos to direct prospective members to respond to your call to action.  These individual calls to action attract attention and are more likely to trigger response over other forms of direct marketing.   PURLs can be sent via direct mail and also improve performance of email.

NW VDP V1-C_Page_1

For those using static advertisements such as newspapers, banners, radio & TV, and billboards using a general URL, or GURL, as a call to action allows you to track the effectiveness of each marketing channel.  You can still accept donations, schedule an event or provide a newsletter that has specific content off of a static advertisement without the hassle of changing the main web site.  Use these to gauge how you plan to spend your marketing budget for next year based on accurate response metrics.

Internal time for development, maintenance and tracking is reduced to a minimum thanks to integrated cross media technologies.  Staff can launch a new campaign in twenty minutes instead of 20 days. For more information about how cross media can work for your NFP, please contact Josh at 800.735.2578

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn oh my!

With new sites, channels and technologies emerging for marketers every day– who has the time?  Not only do new applications need to be learned, but they need to be used.  Many are great tools, but the result is another data silo of opt-ins and leads. As more companies look to outside providers to accomplish their direct marketing grunt work, it’s essential to create interfaces that are not only easy to use, but can centralize different marketing channels, including data collection and reporting.
Research has shown that prospects require multiple touches to retain marketing messages.  Using different channels within the same application decreases internal time for campaign creation as well as viewing analytics.  Some cross media platforms can integrate with various web-2-print and customer management systems (CRMs), but be sure to consider ease of use and efficiency when choosing a provider.
Marketers will want to consider a platform that can support your client’s scope, provide reliable support for high level campaigns, and offer unlimited, but intuitive workflows.  Allowing integration, your technology provider will be able to print a postcard, send an email, add a purl and track landing page effectiveness – without the hassle of multiple logins, call centers, and data silos.