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Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn oh my!

With new sites, channels and technologies emerging for marketers every day– who has the time?  Not only do new applications need to be learned, but they need to be used.  Many are great tools, but the result is another data silo of opt-ins and leads. As more companies look to outside providers to accomplish their direct marketing grunt work, it’s essential to create interfaces that are not only easy to use, but can centralize different marketing channels, including data collection and reporting.
Research has shown that prospects require multiple touches to retain marketing messages.  Using different channels within the same application decreases internal time for campaign creation as well as viewing analytics.  Some cross media platforms can integrate with various web-2-print and customer management systems (CRMs), but be sure to consider ease of use and efficiency when choosing a provider.
Marketers will want to consider a platform that can support your client’s scope, provide reliable support for high level campaigns, and offer unlimited, but intuitive workflows.  Allowing integration, your technology provider will be able to print a postcard, send an email, add a purl and track landing page effectiveness – without the hassle of multiple logins, call centers, and data silos.


Rodney Cobb

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are one of the most popular social networking sites that can now use for expanding and developing business.

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