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Reflecting on QR Codes. Why the buzz?

As many of you know, JFM has jumped on the QR Code bandwagon that has been driving around in cross media marketing circles.  A client asked me point blank the other day (after reading our blog posts and watching a recorded webinar on the topic) why these things have taken off.  Are they a robust technology? What is the value for my customers?  Should I be doing this?

There are some great reasons to use QR Codes.  They are particularly useful when we want to get content or contact information into a mobile users device or let them capture information.

We think there are two reasons that QR codes have taken off. First, they are an easy addition to virtually any system.  A static code (or small batches of variable codes) can be generated for free from various sources.  Reporting can be leveraged by using a landing page or pass through to record the traffic so no new programming was needed to tie the codes in.  If its cheap and easy why not add it?

Second, and most important, it gave the industry something to talk about.  The buzz before QR Codes was trickle marketing and how it was the key to cross media nirvana.  Phooey.  Although trickle marketing makes sense for firms generating a significant number of leads, the time and complexity to develop the multiple touches for most opt-in campaigns made the idea cost prohibitive for most applications.

QR Codes, trickle email marketing, and even carrier pigeons have their place in the marketing mix when used appropriately.  A balanced mix that starts a two conversation and provides a demonstrated ROI can use almost anything.


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