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Know thy Customer!

One to One: How hard can it be?

Here is another email from XM Pie that deifies all logic to explain.  In a header that claims “one to one” marketing, there follows a "spray and pray" email that contains one variable field and that is only the first name of the recipient.  There are no links relevant to the content, no PURL, no landing pages, no opt-ins, no two way conversation is started, and the list goes on.  Here is the message:


What XM Pie did wrong
• Poorly targeted to the wrong audience
• Generic content that can’t be easily scanned
• Generic links to the main home page
• No two way conversation is started
• No easy opt-in mechanism is provided
• Verbose and boring text
• Poorly defined callouts and highlights
• Spam to a mined address (more on this topic later…)

What XM Pie did right
They sent something out (although sending the wrong message, to the wrong customer on the wrong channel may out weigh this)

Take Aways

• Drink your own Kool Aid
Creating and executing cross media campaigns takes more than paying ungodly amounts of money for a tool.  If you are going to sell cross media campaigns, you need to market using those tools.  There is no excuse not to make each touch count.  Don’t waste them with poorly executed drival.

• Understand your data 
Know who you are communicating with.  Break those prospects into segments and create a persona for each to deliver relevant content.  If you can’t do this out of the box, do data work first, then reach out.

• Don’t waste communications
Make every touch timely and relevant with easy opt-ins.  Start a two way conversation by asking questions, adding PURLs, using links to landing pages with content relevant to the message, utilizing segmentation and personas, and do this on every touch. 

There is no excuse to waste your clients’ and prospects’ time.  They may not give you a second chance.


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