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Netreprenuers bring Small-volution Webonomics to the Auto-magical Mediascape in Web 3.0

November 24, 2010
Posted by JFM Concepts at 9:55 AM

Marketers can now dynamically grow cooperative synergies by leveraging competitive leadership skills.  It is now possible to synergistically maintain revolutionary e-markets by prioritizing innovative schemas. Appropriately administrated process-centric intellectual capital can maximize best-of-breed infrastructures and cross functional team modalities.

Seamlessly leverage existing go-forward leadership to create future-proof processes.  Synergistically iterate real-time portals rather than client-centered channels.  Completely procrastinate multifunctional installations without the utilization of parallel human capital assets.

Web 3.0 conveniently creates matrix client-centric customer service nodes rather than an end to end relationships.  Teams can enthusiastically deploy sticky core competencies with viral solutions to enhance existing functionality and schema matrices.  Executives can intrinsically eviscerate networks vis-à-vis tactical networks to right-size personnel and hoard reserves.


Just kidding...

Enhanced QR Code Generation Available in VDP Web

November 17, 2010
Posted by Joshua Driver at 1:19 PM

JFM Concepts has just announced additional QR Code functionality to further enhance its industry leading VDP Web® cross media marketing suite.  The creation and implementation of QR Codes, with a seamless integration into reporting, allows immediate and easy coordination of Personalized URLs (PURLs), SMS-Text, Unique 800#s, static landing pages and more.  A complete integration of response mechanisms avoids data silos and fragmented work environments that isolate data and complicate coordination.


According to John Fager, JFM Concepts’s Chief Technology Officer, “The new print-ready QR Code functionality in VDP Web allows one-click generation of an infinite number of QR images that are automatically tied into reporting without the need for an additional platform.  The export database is formatted for easy implementation to any print driver.”


Since 2004, JFM Concepts (http://www.jfmconcepts.com) has developed and executed national cross media marketing strategies for direct clients, traditional agencies and commercial printers. Campaigns include broadcast and print media, direct mail, SMS-text, email, PURLs (personal URLs) and variable data landing pages with surveys and opt-ins.

United Airlines now using QR Codes

November 12, 2010
Posted by Joshua Driver at 8:37 AM

United Airlines has added QR Codes as part of their mobile check-in process.  You can scan the screen of your phone in lieu of a printed ticket.  Check it out!


VDP Web and James Michelson in new PODi Webinar

November 11, 2010
Posted by JFM Concepts at 12:04 PM

VDP Web® is proud to announce a new webinar from PODi featuring James Michelson from JFM Concepts, “Cross-Media Strategy: Keeping More of Your Customer’s Marketing Budget” on November 16th at 12:00 pm EST.

Originally scheduled for last month, this extremely popular topic should be on your calendar for November! How does print fit into your customer’s total marketing strategy and how can you increase your share of their marketing spend? Find out how to tap into your client’s marketing budget by generating more leads for them and creating activity that puts more ink on paper.

With case studies for Harrah’s, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, & CyberChrome, James will present a practical guide to using cross media applications (SMS text, email, unique 800#’s, static web pages, & Personalized URLs) that do both.

Also see James at the 2011 PODi AppForum January 31st until February 2nd in Las Vegas, NV.

Key Takeaways include: How to get a larger share of marketing spend; The top 5 tactics printers can use to deliver both new leads and more print; and, where direct mail fits into the marketing mix.  Marketing Service Providers – owners, upper management, sales & marketing pros should attend.

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