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New Email Validation Software from VDP Web

JFM Concepts is proud to announce the immediate availability of a new standalone Email Validation Software Module as part of the VDP Complete marketing system.  In response to client requirements for more cost effective and accurate email marketing, the programmers at JFM Concepts have developed a process that uses HELO via telnet to contact mail servers based on a list of email addresses to generate a “Pass or Fail” flag for email. 

This program simply reads and outputs responses from reported mail servers to give a general idea of the quality of the email list. The information in the response column can be instructive in resolving errors.  A qualified data analyst can query the responses and help to make appropriate determinations about which emails should be expunged from a list, thereby reducing negative statistics monitored by the various email service providers.

The software increases the chances for multiple concurrent connections to the same mail servers and improved response.  The software is designed to sort through many of the idiosyncrasies of email servers.  Often multiple runs will return failures when a record received a pass just moments before or vice versa.  The program will run the same list multiple times in order to more accurately assess the validity of email addresses increase the number of “Pass” flags. The following data is an actual sample of multiple run results.

Hard bounce 

Hard bounce 2 

The overall results are cleaners data, better response metrics, and improved standing with email marketing service providers.


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The information in the response column can be instructive in resolving errors.

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