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The Audience Has Spoken! An exclusive webinar from VDP Web, ExactTarget and CoTweet

The Best Research Insights from Subscribers, Fans, & Followers

March 15, 2011 2pm EDT

Companies spend a lot of time and money encouraging consumers to become SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS - but the marketing relationships you build through email, Facebook & Twitter are more complicated than you might think.

This webinar is your chance to learn:

  • How and why consumers engage-and disengage-with brands online
  • Strategies for maximizing the unique strengths of Email, Facebook, and Twitter
  • The classic mistakes marketers make with Email, Facebook, and Twitter
  • PLUS - exclusive, unreleased infographics from our latest SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS consumer survey

The SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS research series is a groundbreaking body of work that sets aside theories, assumptions, and widely-held beliefs to find out the truth about how consumers engage-and disengage-with brands across Email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Find out what your SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS really think -  click the banner to register now!




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