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Campaign Monitor Shares Mobile Email Stats

The folks at Campaign Monitor shared the following stats about mobile email marketing that I wanted to pass along to our readers.  They analyzed their data from all email clients and more than 3 billion messages from May 2009.  The chart says it all.


The mix of mobile email clients is no surprise either.



I agree with the author of the original study, that it is time to pay attention to how your emails look on mobile devices, including tablets and to consider this as part of your cross media marketing strategy.


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Email marketing have several advantage in company and business it is one of the most effective tool for communication and conversation with their clients and customers.

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I agree with you too that the appearance of an email on a phone is definitely important. I use an android at the moment since I'm too cheap to afford the iphone's ridiculously expensive phone plans, and I've received a few emails that I can barely read due to the poor formatting they're using.

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Unfortunately, this is not the case. From what I receive on my iphone, most messages sent from promoters are designed to be seen in a computer screen with at least 800x600 resolution.

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Is anybody from India doing Share marketing from home? I heard that it requires some experience, and courses do be done, even some special exams for it. If you are doing let me know how to start, is that really making good money?

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I’ve realized there are some significant disadvantages for using email for work related communication.

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Wow, I knew the iphone would be significantly higher than the rest, but not by so wide a margin. That is insane!

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