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GWmagazine Features Cross Media Marketing 101

The George Washington University Spring 2011 GWmagazine featured James D. Michelson’s (BA 1992) book Cross Media Marketing 101: The concise Guide to Surviving in the C-Suite from Schooner Press in the Alumni Bookshelf both online and in print.

The book is available online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or by clicking here direct from the publisher.  See inside the book, including the table of contents and select pages at Amazon or at the link above.


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That's neat. Any idea how well the book is doing? It looks like I might have to give it a read through to decide for myself.

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Informative post. I read this book deeply. I understand it's concept regarding media marketing. It's really beneficial for media marketing.


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I like to read this post very much. It's all about marketing, I love cross media marketing. This job is really wonderful.

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