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VDP Web at Exact Target Conenctions 2011

JFM Concepts, makers of the VDP Web cross media marketing platform is proud to announce that James Michelson, founder and principal, has been invited to present in the Advanced Marketing Track at Exact Target’s Connections 2011 to be held in Indianapolis, Indiana on September 13-15, 2011.

The title of the session will be “Integrated Cross Media Marketing with Email, Direct Mail, SMS Text, SEO and Landing Pages for the Print Services Distribution Association (PSDA)”.

Join James Michelson, author of  “Cross Media Marketing 101: The concise guide to surviving in the C-Suite” and founder of embed partner VDP Web® as he creates and executes an integrated cross media marketing campaign that combines email, direct mail, landing pages, web, SMS-Text  and more into an integrated campaign to market the 2011 Print Solutions Expo.   In this session, discover how multiple marketing channels were coordinated and how personas were developed to deliver highly personalized content to prospects of the Print Services Distribution Association.  The speaker will re-create the process from start to finish on how content was created, channels selected, and follow up conducted in order to boost response rates, improve tracking, lower costs, and document return on investment.

The session will explore acquisition, lead generation, and sales techniques from this highly successful integrated campaign.  James will detail how pre and post-show follow up was conducted in order to maximize the impact of the event and to cross-sell / up-sell other association products and services during the campaign.  Detailed reporting metrics will be shared as will actual samples of content.  Items to be covered include:

  • Developing personas
  • Determining the correct contact channel
  • Coordinating content and channels
  • Developing a contact matrix and content for each persona
  • Follow up techniques
  • Results
  • Lessons Learned
  • Best Practices

Attendees will leave the session with a checklist of activities required to design, implement, and effectively track an integrated cross media marketing campaign using any combination of channels.

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Connections 2011 is a must-attend event for ExactTarget customers. Sessions will appeal to those responsible for interactive marketing strategy and execution at all levels—from Vice Presidents to Email Marketing Specialists to Web Developers. Anyone looking for new ways to engage with customers through the latest interactive marketing tools and best practices is encouraged to attend. And because the educational value of Connections is unlike any other in the industry, attendees will be able to immediately apply what they learn to their marketing campaigns, prompting extraordinary impact on program results.

GWmagazine Features Cross Media Marketing 101

The George Washington University Spring 2011 GWmagazine featured James D. Michelson’s (BA 1992) book Cross Media Marketing 101: The concise Guide to Surviving in the C-Suite from Schooner Press in the Alumni Bookshelf both online and in print.

The book is available online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or by clicking here direct from the publisher.  See inside the book, including the table of contents and select pages at Amazon or at the link above.

Letter to the USPS

Susan M LaChance
Vice President Consumer and Industry Affairs


I was sorely disappointed to receive the survey request from your department and the follow up post card last week. 

To remain relevant and profitable, the USPS must follow the Service’s own advice to business customers and integrate digital and web elements into the marketing mix.  If you want advertisers to accept the power of direct mail in the digital age the USPS must lead from the front with cutting edge applications that highlight the power of mail.  The web call to action was hidden in the small print in both the letter and the follow up card and required arcane logins and passwords.


The direct marketing solicitation sent by your office was antiquated, ineffective, and counter-productive to growing business customer confidence and utilization of the Post Office and its services.   By not following its own advocated best practices, The USPS is making the process of selling direct mail to marketers that much harder.

I strongly recommend you, your staff, and contractors review "Getting Personal – Direct Marketing Practices that Deliver", published by the USPS in 2008.

Lead or be left behind.

At a minimum, this is what the direct mail piece should have contained to capture attention and increase response and provide a positive example to possible business customers:

  • Color & artwork personalized to individual recipients
  • Size bigger than 3 x 5 to stand out from bills and junk
  • Personalization (name, industry, title, industry graphic & artwork)
  • Easy to access online survey without the need for usernames and passwords
  • Tracking to measure who visited website but did not take further action by individual