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Easy to avoid email blunder

The following email arrived in my inbox today and reminds me of the juicy goofs that Heidi Tolliver-Negro frequently uncovers.


Lessons Learned:

  1. Proof on a small mail list before you send and have someone else check it over.  It’s too easy to miss details as the brain often sees what it expects to see, not what is actually there
  2. Use an email client like VDP Web® that allows you to preview your contents as it will go out, so that errors like this one in the merge field are glaringly obvious

On an editorial note, it still amazes me how many firms send spam.  Even if they are not based in the United States and are not subject to the CAN  SPAM Act of 2003, American marketers will get annoyed if you ignore these rules, and that can’t be good for business.

Print 13 / Spectrum 13 Next Week in Chicago!

After an explosive debut at GRAPHEXPO 12, The Printerverse returns as a Show Floor Feature for PRINT13.  In addition to his keynote at the concurrent Spectrum 13 conference, James Michelson of VDP Web will be on the show floor as part of the Industry Pro’s Panel for a spirited free for all of questions and answers.  Anything goes so come and ask all the tough questions.

A 2800 sq foot space in BOOTH 5440 will once again be an educational and networking zone for printers, integrated marketers, print and digital producers, print and media buyers, designers, creatives, agencies—and everyone interested in today’s evolution of print and marketing. It will feature a variety of ways to interact with print, including some the latest innovative technologies and applications, and serve as the social media hub for the show.

Thousands of attendees joined us last year, and Printerverse buzz brought us visits from industry legends such as Benny Landa, Jeffrey Hayzlett, James Michelson, Frank Romano, and every major print and media organization. Quite simply, there is nothing comparable to our space at the show.