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Major VDP Web Upgrades Show Huge Client Benefit

VDP Web Thanksgiving Upgrade

During our Thanksgiving rollout, our shiny new code will be available to all users!

Our Enterprise clients will have two themes to pick from for their branding, with options for square elements or rounded corners.  The system will now match a primary and secondary color exactly!

We’ve been very busy beta testing the new rollout of VDP Web. As promised, we wanted to share some screenshots of the newly designed user interface.

New features will greatly enhance security, such as failed login attempt and account information change notifications.  Resellers will be able to setup global security policies with specific access rules that can be customized for every client.

The newly designed HTML editor, along with a  greatly enhanced file manager have been a tremendous time saver for our designers as we have worked on projects over the last couple of weeks.

Visit for more info.

Take a look at some of these screenshots and let us know if you have any feedback.


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