Major VDP Web Upgrades Show Huge Client Benefit
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New Templates Feature and Tour Videos


Right on the heels of our recent major system upgrades, we've added a new templates feature to the content management system in VDP Web®. Templates allow users to:

  • Define editable regions
  • Lock down other areas of the page
  • Allow non-technical users to create web pages from the template
  • Edit the images and text to their needs
  • Publish work to the web in minutes

The interface in VDP Web makes it simple for anyone to edit the content of a template. No coding skills required! And for the web savvy, content created from templates can be unlocked, giving users full access to the design and code.

Templates can be created in any account. Resellers can share templates will all of their clients by simply clicking a button. Any creative agency can provide instant access to so many useful and high-converting landing page designs.

With the release of the new templates feature, we've also created a catalog of readily available web templates that can be used by anyone. These include simple opt-in landing pages with striking backgrounds, clean and elegant 2-column designs, and even our classic "old-school" landing pages. Many of these are responsive as well, so they're ready to go on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices!

Tour Videos

Check out our 10-minute video tour

Along with the changes to the user interface and the release of the templates feature, we've created two brand new "Quick Tour" videos. "Create PURLs in Under 10 minutes" showcases how fast and efficient VDP Web is for launching campaigns compared to other "clunky" systems. "Reseller Setup in Minutes" shows just how quick it is to for resellers to brand the user interface by uploading a custom logo, selecting a look and feel with exact company colors, and setting up a unique vanity domain.

We've also updated and streamlined our "Deep Dive" VDP Web system walkthrough videos that explore content, campaigns, data, and PURLs in detail.

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