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VDP Web at Exact Target Conenctions 2011

JFM Concepts, makers of the VDP Web cross media marketing platform is proud to announce that James Michelson, founder and principal, has been invited to present in the Advanced Marketing Track at Exact Target’s Connections 2011 to be held in Indianapolis, Indiana on September 13-15, 2011.

The title of the session will be “Integrated Cross Media Marketing with Email, Direct Mail, SMS Text, SEO and Landing Pages for the Print Services Distribution Association (PSDA)”.

Join James Michelson, author of  “Cross Media Marketing 101: The concise guide to surviving in the C-Suite” and founder of embed partner VDP Web® as he creates and executes an integrated cross media marketing campaign that combines email, direct mail, landing pages, web, SMS-Text  and more into an integrated campaign to market the 2011 Print Solutions Expo.   In this session, discover how multiple marketing channels were coordinated and how personas were developed to deliver highly personalized content to prospects of the Print Services Distribution Association.  The speaker will re-create the process from start to finish on how content was created, channels selected, and follow up conducted in order to boost response rates, improve tracking, lower costs, and document return on investment.

The session will explore acquisition, lead generation, and sales techniques from this highly successful integrated campaign.  James will detail how pre and post-show follow up was conducted in order to maximize the impact of the event and to cross-sell / up-sell other association products and services during the campaign.  Detailed reporting metrics will be shared as will actual samples of content.  Items to be covered include:

  • Developing personas
  • Determining the correct contact channel
  • Coordinating content and channels
  • Developing a contact matrix and content for each persona
  • Follow up techniques
  • Results
  • Lessons Learned
  • Best Practices

Attendees will leave the session with a checklist of activities required to design, implement, and effectively track an integrated cross media marketing campaign using any combination of channels.

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Connections 2011 is a must-attend event for ExactTarget customers. Sessions will appeal to those responsible for interactive marketing strategy and execution at all levels—from Vice Presidents to Email Marketing Specialists to Web Developers. Anyone looking for new ways to engage with customers through the latest interactive marketing tools and best practices is encouraged to attend. And because the educational value of Connections is unlike any other in the industry, attendees will be able to immediately apply what they learn to their marketing campaigns, prompting extraordinary impact on program results.

VDP Web Publishes New Education Cross Media Marketing Case Study

JFM Concepts and VDP Web® are proud to announce the publication of their latest case study on direct marketing for Education. Successful cross media tactics for admissions, events, alumni relations, planned giving, donations and more are covered. Campaign goals were to decrease cost, improve response rates, document and measure return on investment, and simplify the follow up process. Download the case study for free at

The VDP Web® cross media marketing platform has been deployed by public and private educational institutions of every size to deliver outstanding results. Successful projects have been launched by organizations as diverse in size and mission such as The University of Michigan and Northeast State Technical Community College to regional Christian institutions such as Calvin College and Grace Bible College. Not-For-Profit institutions such as Harrison College and various secondary schools have also used the system for admissions, alumni relations, fund raising and planned giving. Integrated campaigns have been cost effectively run for multiple departments without the need for internal technical assistance or support.

University of Michigan Landing Page, one of many samples in the case study.

There are common challenges faced by the academic institutions detailed in this case study. The goals of all the campaigns that follow were to decrease budget, lower man hours required for follow up and fulfillment, increase response rate and add personalization to generate leads. Each of these projects was executed by one decision maker and did not require the support of other departments. The cases examined assume that additional budget expenditures for new projects is unlikely, IT and other internal technical support is not available, and that the department does not have additional manpower resources to dedicate to a new project. If any of these assumptions are not true, so much the better.

It is possible to implement a basic cross media marketing strategy without any major changes to the current marketing mix. Unique landing pages, QR Codes, new 800 numbers, and SMS Text can be added to any existing marketing channel to add new data collection mechanisms and start a two way conversation with prospects, students, alumni and donors.

Email Template & Template Editor Webinar

New Email Functionality for VDP Web Clients

VDP Web has email templates for your use to dramatically decrease the time it takes to build email content. These are free of charge and easy to edit. Simply double click the highlighted variable areas to add images, links, and content without ANY coding knowledge. If you are currently using a template on another email platform, bring it over! Our Template Manager allows you to build your own custom templates to use for future campaigns.

We will be having a live demo on how to use this new technology on Tuesday, June 21st at 1:00pm EST and again on Thursday, June 23rd at 1:00pm EST.

Sign up at:

JFM Concepts & VDP Web and PSDA 2011 Print Expo Show Review

JFM Concepts is pleased to have partnered with the Print Services Distribution Association for the 2011 Print Solutions Expo from pre-show marketing to educational sessions and post show follow-up.  The highly successful event was held at Chicago's Navy Pier May 17th to 19th.


JFM Concepts and VDP Web provided in depth cross media marketing support to the PSDA for the show including data cleansing, segmentation, personalized URLs (PURLs), QR Codes, Generic Landing Pages (GURLs), Personalized Landing Pages, Surveys, Email and more in a comprehensive pre and post-show marketing effort.  The effort was the first time the association had implemented a comprehensive communication plan that included all these channels with unified reporting and analytics.


The results of the campaign included a streamlined work process, coordinated messaging and content, highly relevant personalization, detailed reporting, and improved response rates.  The association was able to access detailed analytics and metrics for each individual channel.


James Michelson presented an extended session on integrated marketing based on his popular book "Cross Media Marketing 101: The concise guide to surviving in the C-suite" from Schooner Press. The interactive presentation focused on the practical development of several real world campaigns from strategy through follow up.  The three hour session was a follow up to the overview of the same topic from the CEO Summit.



Show visitors experienced VDP Web first hand at the double-size booth featuring both Mac and PC, mobile and desktop cross media applications.  At the exhibitor theatre, Josh Driver delivered a session on generating revenue with cross media for print manufacturers and distributors.



JFM also sponsored the show's cocktail reception with an open bar.  Attendees and exhibitors alike were able to relax after a hard day's work with complimentary food and drink before hitting the town.

For additional information or to get copies of presentations and sessions, please visit

PSDA Interviews James Michelson of VDP Web

James Michelson of VDP Web was recently interviewed by Lydia Goessel of the Print Services Distribution Association (PSDA) in advance of the 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo to be held at the Navy Pier in Chicago May 17 to 19.  An excerpt of the interview follows.

• Why are you excited to present at the PSDA Print Solutions Conference & Expo?

I am excited to present at the 2011 event because of the opportunity we have to interact with industry leaders.  The experiences of each attendee, while similar, are unique and provide the best forum for improving the products and services that we offer throughout the production chain.

• What type of person will most benefit from attending your session(s)?
This session is well suited for front line employees, sales, and print production and distribution leadership so that the whole supply chain can understand the sales, creation, and execution of  a cross media marketing campaign.

• What are the key messages you will share with attendees?

The key take-aways from this session will be:

- How to sell, develop, and coordinate a cross media marketing strategy and mix
- How to coordinate data analysis and prospect selection on a limited budget and with minimal expertise
- Effective implementation of the latest technologies including PURLs, QR Codes, Email, Mobile, the web and more

Additionally, the format will be highly interactive and feature audience based discussion to drive the selection of the key messages to the needs of attendees.

• In your opinion, what has been the most influential trend of the last 10 years in the way we do business?

The most influential trend in the past ten years has been the ability to track and measure direct response metrics on all media channels.  Not only can internet advertising channels provide detailed response metrics, but anything print to radio to magazines to billboards can incorporate these techniques to generate a database of warm leads.  The industry has traditionally used print to drive web, but now we can use the web (and other media channels) to drive print.

• What is the best professional advice you have received?

The best professional advice I ever received was not to pre-judge a situation or opportunity.  Establishing relationships today, even the immediate gain is not apparent, will create long term benefit for everyone involved.

Live! In-Depth Cross Media Campaign Training Tuesday May 17th in Chicago by VDP Web

Join James Michelson for an in-depth Education Workshop from 1:00 to 5:00 PM on Tuesday May 17th at the 2011 PSDA Print Solutions Expo which will develop a comprehensive cross media marketing campaign from initial concept through development, design, fulfillment, follow up and analysis. Although focused on direct marketing and print, the campaigns featured will tie into all parts of the media mix, including channels not usually associated with commercial print. These channels will include social media, static advertising in magazines and newspapers, web advertising, billboards, and even broadcast. Using actual campaigns and results from multiple projects as a basis, including recent efforts of the PSDA, this presentation will cover the following:

  • Development of marketing strategy and media mix
  • Use and coordination of multiple channels
  • Data analysis and prospect selection
  • Proven design and messaging strategies
  • The latest technologies including PURLs, QR Codes, Email, Mobile, the web and more
  • Data collection and basic campaign analysis
  • Follow up and closing the sale

Delivered in a highly interactive workshop format, participants will dive deep into cross-media marketing programs that work for self-promotion and can be used to support clients and generate new streams of revenue.